Tatsuro Maeno was born in 1980 in Hyogo, Japan. After a 4-year training (2000 – 2004) at the prestigious Université des beaux-arts ‘Tama’ (‘Tama’ University of fine arts, Tokyo, Japan) and getting his degree as well as a Bachelor in ceramic arts, he worked for several exhibitions, as much as art director as exhibition curator. Then, he started a career as an artist in Denmark in 2009, from where many of his current designs were inspired. Since 2015, he is at present working for himself, in Japan, for his private studio – TatsuroMaeno Studio Gallery – in Chigasaki / Kanagawa for the greatest luxurious names and his own collections. 1980年 兵庫県生まれ 2004年 多摩美術大学美術学部工芸学科卒業 卒業後、様々な美術展設営及びアーティストサポート、展示会コーディネーター業に携わったのち2009年デンマークに留学し陶磁器作家として活動を開始する。帰国後、湘南/茅ヶ崎市に自身の プライベートスタジオ「Tatsuro Maeno Studio Gallery」をオープンし、幅広く活動をしています。


Project Network 09 : Utsuwa A to Z

A picture with All ''Networker 09''

Project : Utsuwa A to Z
Project Network 09 exhibition at GULDAGERGÅRD International Ceramic Research Center
February 14th to 27th , 2009

tour to Grimmerhus - Danmarks Keramikmuseum
Kongebrovej 42, Middelfart
3.March 3th to April 5th , 2009

Title : Utsuwa A to Z

Concept :
Containers..... Vase, Bowl, Cup, Glass, Vessel, Bottle. These vessels can be described by the term '' Utsuwa = 器 '' in Japan.

This term is used to describe a Japanese sense of beauty. To describe something as Utsuwa is to say it includes simplicity, but also a sense of space and emptyness, where gentle organic imperfections are beautiful. However, included in this is thoughtfulness and visual sensitivity .
In this project I made 26 Utsuwas in total, from A to Z, from big to small.

In case of Japan, there is a concept 「詫・寂」in one of sence of beauties of Japan.

詫 means " it seems to be coarse" or " it seems to be simple".
寂 means  " it seems to have been deteriorated by the time passage". It is resemblance to the beauty of patina(green rust) in English.

During in this project, I wanted to express [wabi /sabi] with 26 utuwas.
How to make : I advance my project a clue to the word that was associated from initial A to Z of the alphabet.

○A : Air (Recycled clay, Raku)
○B : Balloon (Recycled clay,Raku-gas)
△C : Canvas (Porcelain, electric 1280℃)
●D : Delight (Porcelain, wood fire)
○E : Emptiness (Red clay, Raku-gas)
○F : Fantasia (Porcelain,Gas1280℃  reduction)
△G : Glaze (Red clay, Raku-wood & gas)
○H : Hello (Recycled clay, Raku-gas)
△ I : Indigo(Recycled clay ,Raku-wood & gas )
●J : Joker (Porcelain, wood fire)
○K : Kitsch (Recycled clay ,Raku-gas)
○L : Lime (Recycled clay, Raku-gas)
○M : Moment (Porcelain, reduction 1280℃)
○N : November (Red clay,raku-gas)
●O : Oasis (Porcelain, electric 1250℃)
○P : Picnic ( Recycled clay, electric 1280℃)
○Q : Quiet (Recycled clay,Raku-gas)
●R : Rhythm (Porcelain, wood fire)
○S : Spider (Porcelain, Raku-gas)
○T : Tetora (Porcelain, Gas1280℃  reduction)
○U : Untidy (Recycled clay, raku-gas)
●V : Vino (Porcelain, wood fire)
○W : White (Porcelain, Raku-gas)
○X : Xhyophone (Red clay, Raku-gas)
○Y : You (Red clay, Raku-gas)
○Z : Za  (Recycled clay,Raku-gas)

concept text

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